Saturday, 21 December 2019

Earth Mother and others painted

 Painted up some wonderful miniatures I wanted for a time, also  made and painted an Earth mother statue for my terrain and collection, anyone offended please don't look..
 Darksword critter a Bulldog fighter a must have for me
 One i wanted for a  long time and challenge to paint a Darksword a Veiled assassin. I was happy how it  turned out.

 Female archer again from DarkSword
 Two Infinity character I also wanted for my collection
 Black Scorpion miniatures  a set I had my eye on for a time
 Black Scorpion pirate a must  for my crew
 Brilliant miniature for anything another Black Scorpion miniature
 Reaper Tin man he just sticks out as a great  figure
 My friend Dave Holland sent me this as a gift. just fantastic

 The Earth mother  taken form   pictures and  art long ago, sculpted in Milliput


  1. The assassin looks great. A really good effect on the clothing

  2. Great work Tony, and you achieved a great sheer effect on your assassin

  3. Great show! I like how you managed to make the veil of the assassin look semi-transparant.

  4. Fab work Tony. Have a Merry Christmas mate