Monday 18 November 2019

Barbarians , Apes and Monsters painted

 Finished off some bits and bobs to my collection the  wonderful barbarians from Elladan miniatures were a must buy. great pieces.

 Cannot resist Apes so Crooked dices 3 Apes were on the list great poses and  content
 More Crooked Dice future Barbarian and his  buddy
 Crooked Dice again a great Alien / Entity 

 From Zombicide Green horde the Magenta  Covfefe of Aargh
And  last but not least the killer bunny, fantastic miniature


  1. these look great Tony, and such a wide variety to

  2. Brilliant. Love how you did the rhe on the Alien.

  3. Stunning work on all these super-characterful miniatures. That eye from the floating alien is truly fabulous.

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