Friday 22 November 2019

Frostgrave Perilous Dark: Writhing Fumes

Played a few games of Frostgrave and enjoyed it, got most of the supplement books and  bits, I was happy when the Perilous dark book came out as i have played a few games of the solo Rangers of Shadow deep Solo game. I decided to give the new book a try, i created my  party and  dug out my terrain and miniatures suitable for the  first scenario in the book. Writhing Fumes, The party must get to the other corner of the table and open a door to escape.
30" X 30" table set up using my GW terrain and  my latest addition to my Gala Force  9 desert  rocks and ruins.
Large Vapor snakes  on the spawn points
Huge automation guard the door
The party left to right, Chakari Ranger, Fingers the thief, Mushula the  thug, the wizard Shalla Bel, Lyra the apprentice, Rex the war hound and  Tak the Barbarian. (Dice rolls were as they fall )
The party sets up in the far corner

First move they engage a large Vapor Snake Shalla slows the entity so it stops before them
Fingers and Rex make short work of the   creature.
Shalla advances and is beset by a large and small Vapor snake
The Automatons wander  on guard.
Shalla slays the large Vapor snake and Chakari face the small one
Lyra and Rex come to there aid dispatching the  entity
More snakes  attack and a huge metal automaton charges inot the fight
Combine the party defends against all the enemy's the Automaton smashing to pieces for the blows of  Shalla and  Chakari joined by Mushula, while Tax fends off a large Snake
More small  vapor snakes appear in the spawn points
The second Automaton and large Snake wander close
Tak falls and Lyra is also downed by  a Large Snake, the party is in trouble now
Shalla and fingers are confronted by a snake they fight it off

Chakari and Mushula grab a treasure  box and  hope nothing appears
Another large snake surrounds Shalla and Fingers, he slays one and  turns to dispatch the other
Seeing the second Automation charge at them as he  destroys the Snake  Entity 
The huge metal construct swipes and  smashes into Shall she is  wounded and bloody by the blows it raises to finish her off , but she finds the weak spot and  destroys the  magic holding it together, ( she rolled a 20 to its 4)
It crumbles like the last Shalla staggering on to the door way
Joined by the rest of her party they fend of  Vapor snakes as the hope to reach the door way
Rex charges and rips apart a snake  near the door way
The party  sees the door way perhaps they will survive

Rex is charged and again destroys a small Vapor snake
But is slain by one appearing behind him.
The party  avenge there faithful hound
Shalla reaches the door and strike hard
It opens and they see the chance of escape
leaving the  temple, Victory!

After game  rolls and  treasure, Tak the Barbarian will have to heal till after the next game to return, Lyra and Rex unfortunately succumbed to there wounds and  , have to be replaced.

View: A good game the sole mechanics work  excellent and it is not easy to win this, excellent addition with loads of scope for many adventures, a good fun game...

More to come ......


  1. Great report Tony, looks a good tense game

  2. i have bought and just read the Perilous Dark supplement, and look forward to trying it out. Thanks for the report, it whet my appetite!

  3. Sounds like a great set of additional rules, wasn't there a cooperative mode in there as well? Thank you for the report!

    1. Yes there is it is more a tool box but if you play Fristgrave I would recommend a copy

  4. Most Impressive,as the Lord of Sith would say.
    You might be aware that a number of posts and youtube plays of this mission have ended with the party being totally overrun (including my first attempt). This has lead to some thinking the first mission is "broken" which has left a negative early impression on the book. I have felt the game overly hard for an intro scenario, but it is inspiring to see that you've proven the game is winnable. I will have to try again.

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  6. Did you use the two (2) Ballistas to guard the door? I've ran through this scenario many times and its never been easy. Of the dozen times I
    've ran it, I've only made it out the door 1 time.