Friday 17 April 2020

7TV Solo, El Santo VS The Blood Beast Terror

Im a fan of the Mexican wrestling movies of the 60s-70s and inspired by the solo 7TV rules  addition I wanted to use  my new miniatures as a cast,. The Pulp setting was used and Crusading Crime fighter ( El Santo) , Rugged Veteran (Blue Devil) and Prize fighter (Shahna)  seems ideal , along with  lesser animal companion (Moko) police sergeant and some beat cops I composed my cast. the Scenario was Sophia where a VIP is placed in the center of the board and needs to escape off the opposite side after being freed by a character. 

 I laid out a slightly larger table and used my Scenery to depict the  tomb of the blood beasts (Beast men Mutts) would be the horde set up in random spawn points

Sophia bound and in the temple for sacrifice to the Blood Beasts.
 El Santo Blue Devil, Shahna with Moko set out to rescue the Beautiful woman

 The Blood beast set up in random await the   intruders
 They get first turn and charge head long to  rip the poor cast to pieces
 the Ruins slow them down the wrestlers and Police empty there revolvers into the Blood Beast wave
 Blue Devil shoots one down and charges into an oncoming beast

 The Sergeant and cop drop another but more advance
 the Police Sergeant  moves to incept the  beasts
 El Santo drops one with his trusty pistol then moves to find the captive, as Shahna and Moko  punch and bite at a beast
 Blue Devil  grapples with a beast

 His  mighty and  strength  succeeds he fells a beast as Shahna and Moko knock there opponents to the ground
 El Santo spots the captive Sophia
 As Shahna  recovers she is charged again by the blood Beasts
 she fells one  but more advance
 A lone Cop  fires into the charging beasts
 Blue devil is struck hard and wounded as another Beast knocks him down from behind
 Shahna and Moko are surrounded by teeth and claws
 As El Santo finds the entrance  he is surrounded by beasts is all lost?

( Count down card) Dramatic Monologue  knocks his opponents down. " I send you beasts back to the  pit you came from this night"
 he runs and frees the  captive, "You are safe now El Santo is here !"
 The police  sergeant is torn apart by the Blood beasts
 A Cop suffers the same fate
 Shahna and Moko are knocked to the  ground defeated by the horde of Beasts, all the companions are down  El Santo is alone (he passed his spirit test)
 Others  rise and charge at El Santo in the temple

 He punches one down" Run for the gate  Lady , I will hold them off"
 Reluctantly she runs  out the temple to the gate "I will never  forget you El Santo"
 open before her she makes to the gate and freedom
 She looks back as El Santo defends the door way knocking back the evil horde
 He stands defiant and  grapples and fights off the beasts but  others  come from his back, is El Santo  raises his fists as the monsters come closer "Stronger we are  the evil has no power over us  together"
Id call is a success, loads of fun the  countdown cards added wonderful effects, Nice to use my miniatures, I recommend a try out fo these rules for any 7TV gamer.