Tuesday, 7 April 2020

7TV Solo game , "Cannibal Vampire Blood bath terror

Iam a huge fan of the 7TV universe and games, and now isolated wanted a Solo game system asking on the Facebook page , we had many ideas, the Karl of CD deliver again to the faithful, A set of guild line s for playing Solo using casts against hordes of minions by  Kieron Mulloand, and a free download form CD website http://www.crooked-dice.co.uk/wp/product/7tv-apocalypse-survival-horror-solo-rules/?fbclid=IwAR2DAy3y284ehUHEKfINwrzctA6vpdlL4CAzkJNDhBadjSXFJY9tV6hWJl0

A collected a very small points cast to try them out, from the Apocalypse set, the cast  faced as the horde 5 vampires which were randomly placed on spawn tokens on the board, using only 1/2 the countdown cards used for the cast only, and  the scenario to  block the spawn points of destroy the Horde spawn points
I used my Mars attack terrain and  mat, 
 The Vampire horde was placed and off we went, they got first turn. "its going to be bad"

 Short is charged by a vampire in the first  action of the Horde
 He is ripped apart 
 Sly falls next to Hope the survivor as a vampire  tears him up.
She backs away and shoots the undead down .

A vampire moves and hypnotizes poor jack
 He is  easy prey to the undead and dies a gory death

Sayid the Survivor leader faces another Vampire he is wounded badly. then  ripped apart

Muttly charges into the Frey 
He makes short work of a vampire 

 Hope is jumped and slain by another Vampire all looks bad for the survivors
 Chuck is surrounded he draws his trust knife and fends off the undead
 Muttly takes out another Vampire spots Chuck and runs to his defense slaying a damaged Vampire
 Chuck now facing only one  strikes  slaying the unded
 Chuck  kills another Vampire
 As Muttly runs to engage another vampire his is ambushed and  dies heroically  as they tear him down, (the slain vampires are re spawned on the   roll of the number on a dice)
Last countdown card leave Chuck surrounded and as all good Movies the  camera turns red. A draw in game outcome, I rely enjoyed the system and using a cast vs horde works for me fine. very well done Karl and Kieron, brilliant addition and is  great fun.
Hero of the game Muttly


  1. Looks like a fun system. I might give it a try.

  2. Nice report dude. It all looks great.

  3. Poor old Muttly - let's hope his sacrifice was not in vain!

  4. Good grief, that was brutal! Was worried it would be too easy for the survivors, but clearly not. Glad you enjoyed it.