Friday 31 July 2020

Wargames Exclusive , Giant Ape, Unsullied & a Chariot

finishing off some projects and  my collection to certain areas.
The wonderful wargames Exclusive range of  non 40K miniatures i had my eye on for along time, I got 2 mechanicus  leaders and  Chaos warrior Hero

Unsullied Swords masters a joy paint and to me look the part

A heroclix giant ape I could not resist

Been wanting an open chariot for my fantasy games so the  Victrix Celtic chariot  I bought a sprue off the net and set about to make it work for me , I expanded the Width and altered a few dimension, I wanted to be able to fit a 25mm round base into the  Chariot and it worked fine. some examples below


  1. Great work on all Tony, that ape looks a little small though ! LOL

  2. Great work on the Chariot, Tony! (In both the idea and the execution.) Those unsullied are nice miniatures, are they from CMON?

    1. Yes and there very nice too i was impressed