Saturday 15 August 2020

"Hell Road" Nightwatch game

 I eagerly awaited trying out the new Nightwatch game from Patrick Todoroff available from Drive through games. A solo cooperative wargame of  terror and treasures in a dark world. you select a party of hunters to complete  tasks and  scenarios, they must face mounting horrors as the game turns proceed.

My hunters  from left to right Crom the Blades man, Eya the Hunter, leven the  Alchemist and Alan the Macer. they were all imitates and had purchased 3 hirelings to help them, the scenario was number 1 Escort a lone survivor of a Caravan to a nearby town.

Laid the board out with the  portals and the  terrain.
The hunters start and must navigate to the other corner
Turn 1 the Vermin move to stop them
Crom and Eya go forward to clear the way
Alan is jumped by vermin and almost falls
A bowman hireling is attacked
Magic and  blades cut down the first wave
More vermin charge into the  Hunters
Crom clears them with his mighty axe
Leven throws her Grenados  causing much damage to the advancing vermin
as the game turns mount the horde arrives this is going to be bad
The portals spew forth Vermin and Horde who  charge and over whelm the back section of the hunters
A hiring is killed and another dragged into battle

Leven faces the undead and  tosses her wares into the  advancing foes, blast zones  cut them  up
Alan and leven stand back to back fending off the advancing horde and vermin
anther hirling is taken down as the pair  cast and throw, the undead still advance 
The  forward hunters are about to be over run when Alan casts Elemental fury, blasting them to hell where they belong

The pair are surrounded all hope is lost?

At last the hunters reach the end and escape  first scenario in the Bag

Wonderful game , easy to remember and is very  hard to get right, blades and bows are ok but spells and Grenados are  fantastic. I recommend  one of each type as a party. the  foes will get you and  health does go down fast so healing is a must. the horde instantly add a new larger threat to the party.

If you like  fantasy games have lots of unused minis please  give these a go.


  1. Excellent. Thank you for posting.

  2. Thanks for this, I hadn't been aware of Nightwatch, so that's another game on my radar

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