Sunday 23 August 2020

Defend against the Un-Dead, A Nightwatch game

The second scenario in the Night wish campaign involves defending a camp  and Derick the   mule guard against and attack by the enemy

Laid out my table to my  liking 

Derick the Mule guard holds information and must die this night

Placed in the centre of the  camp if the  Hunters die then so does he.

Placed the party in the best positions i could see and awaited the onslaught

2 hirelings with bows and one fighter

Eya finds the best place to take out the  enemy

the left is first to be attacked the bow men  trying to cut the odds down

Eya is eushed by a zombie

Leven aids a bow man tossing her grenados at the advancing Un-dead

Crom aids Eya his axe swinging but more  enemies advance

he fights one alone as the   vermin attack

Leven takes out a zombie with her dagger giving her room to throw her grenados and the bow man  to shoot

Crom faces more Zombies Eya trying to take them out before it comes to close and personal
Alan is attacked his spell disintegrating the zombie

As Crom is suffering and wounded the axe man helps and Eya fights hand to hand to save her friend

Leven throws a grenado dispatching the advancing enemy

Alan free of the left side casts into the  now massing Un dead

a bow man take out a single Zombie

Eya is fighting for her life now

The Skeletons are now in the camp and the hunters under pressure

A bow man faces the enemy alone

Leven heals Crom as Eya fends off a zombie

the bow man falls

Deadly hand to hand now as the  Un Dead swamp the hunters

Single bow men are  marked out, as dawn approaches , the  Un dead dwindle and the night is over

Only lost 1 bow man hireling, and  did the scenario,
As the last game it does get very tense late into the rounds, the relentless enemy's will get you if you don't  take them out And also the Mage and Alchemist paid there way, the spells and grenados saving the day. very happy with the game and  recommended for   people who like to fight things!



  1. Thanks for another excellent Bat Rep.

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