Monday 15 November 2021

Silver Bayonet book and some miniatures


The new Osprey Skirmish rules, Silver Bayonet set in a Napoleonic horror world, interested me from the start, few figure count and wrote by Joseph A. Mc Cullough, I had some miniatures i got years ago just because they looked so cool, Perry Miniature Retreat from Moscow range, huddled in capes and blankets with a great feel of the dark about them , so I got the book and painted some of them up.

I went for a worn rough desperate look, basic dull tones and lots of mud. I enjoyed painting them and look forward to the game...


  1. Nicely done Tony, the game sounds like good fun!

  2. Really cool miniatures!

  3. It appears to have a lot to commend it. The only gameplay I've seen is by Guerrilla Miniature Games on YouTube. It isn't a bad skirmish set