Wednesday 16 November 2022

Signum Kitsune Clan of the Scarlet Forest

Another of the wonderful miniatures sent to me by Signum via Jimmy. one of the box sets Kitsune clan of the Scarlet Forest, superb set of miniatures and they went together amazing. the box comes with rules and counters for the game. also some of the extras from the KS,  the fantastic Kitsune Minions. I don't know if my bad eyes and hands do them justice but I'm very pleased with the collection and will feature in my games. More to come!

                                                                 Shun Scout Fennec

                                                            Yutaka the elusive Archer

                                                       Saburou Herald of the Kitsne clan

                                                              Benjiro the Silver voice

                                                                    Takumi Warrior Poet

Fumiko the Sorceress-Princess

                                                                      Kitsume Minions
                                                          Fantastic little miniature pieces

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