Monday 26 September 2022

Open Combat skirmish wargame "Road of Blood" part3


Dug out my game maps and played the "The road of Blood" Conan seeking to destroy the Vampires of the deep, he moves through a very dangerous terrain the Lava fields. Radukar the wolf ponders and points to his Dire wolf mistress Belladamma Volga "Ensnare him and destroy the Barbarian"
Laid out the Lave pages from my wilderness maps books, and set up the forces, the confrontation deployment i liked as Conan and his party enter they are suddenly surrounded by Dire wolves and vampires.
The game was fast the wolves attacking with there speed and the push back sending 2 warriors into the lave (I rolled a D6 for fortitude loss). Conan using the height of the rock he was on struck and slew 2 wolves the out, his warriors laying around him he faced Bellaamma moving in for the kill. but A brave warrior struck a crimson Court vampire down and Bellamma realized she was lost in a cloud her and the last vampire vanished. Victory for Conan to move on deeper in the darkness..
Great game I thought the Vampires had won but they lost all there Wolves and the vampires loss tipped the score. Maps work for me and as always the game is fun.

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