Thursday 26 January 2023

Skull Hunters, Signum and others painted

I got myself some more 3D prints from Ebay went a bit mad? but I think you should always get what you want. Amazing renders and  some wonderful poses and ideas, I enjoyed painting them all, easy and look good when finished, great for my games...

Be safe my friends
Feral Skull Hunters wonderful miniatures loads of character and style.
More Feral Hunters
Skull  Hunters more Movie
Skull Hunters, well I had to buy the lady with the Bone sword.
Jimmy  got me some more Brilliant Signum resin miniatures astonishing, huge Hammer head shark man
Another wolfen type
A legend  Kitsue hunter..
Female Orc Barbarian
One of the most wonderful  miniatures from them, detail pose and content outstanding
Native warriors to fight the Skull Hunters. makes a wonderful team or party..
Police Robots
A modern Bowman Hero

 I had to also get this Superb miniature, (I painted as a very old D&D villain )

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