Sunday 19 February 2023

Verrotwood "Steal from the Dead"


After helping beta test the Verrotwood rules I finally got a PDF, my son printed it up for me. So I had to give it a go?

I created a Cult, using the 500p rules and set out a 3X3 board and placed terrain I wanted to give  the game some depth so I placed 6 randomly Reanimated  and 4 objectives all in the center area some terrain gave special advantages the mounds of bodies and icon gave +1 STR within 4", apart from that I used the rest as seen.

The cult was placed on the boards edge and I decided on 6 turns to get at the objectives, I created some  activation cards on blank playing cards I have.

The game was actually very much fun the Reanimated were a pain stopping the advance of the cult, who had  a melee advantage and the  Rituals and equipment , but this soon dwindled, the reanimated were only destroyed on a critical roll, some thing I real liked made them very unusual to play other wise were knocked prone. The cult were stopped at 4 points with the  Reanimated wounding and making things very hard, eventually the rolls and advantages to terrain started to make an impact the reanimated were slowly being destroyed with one Cultist manage to get an objective in turn 5, another was slain and the leader fighting to the center of the table. Victory to the cult 3 reanimated destroyed and 1 objective. I twas much fun and  i found the  game worked well, one thing I altered was if a cult wished to escape from a base to base just roll there DEX against the defender if they pass there free to move if not they take a wound. made things simple and to me in the flavor of the game.

Enjoyable and playable game. A few pics of the carnage...



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  1. May I ask where you sourced the models for your Cult from?