Tuesday 21 February 2023

One Hour Skirmish "No time to Die"

I got some new 3D prints of the Terminator film  foot  series and wanted to give them a try out, so my first call was the One hour Skirmish rules book by John Lambshead, which I am very comfortable with as a  game system and has an extremely playable  system and open ideas to different settings. I had also got his Sci-Fi skirmish scenario book, and had  a particular scenario in my head from it. the  game was to plant a bomb and have a limited time to do it.
I gathered some forces the new Terminators and  from my box of Infinity models some resistance to be the bomb setting attackers. 

One of Skynets time devices has  phased out of the  lab and  appeared in the wastelands. the Resistance spot this and  send a unit to destroy the device, Skynet responds and  controls some ground forces to stop anyone doing anything to the device till it can be recovered by heavy gear. 


laid out my 3x3 and placed the forces as the  scenario, the bomb carrier cannot fire and has a limited time to place the device, on a roll of 3+ on a D6 it starts and  turn one it starts to  time out, was not going to be easy.

The Terminators got the first activation and started to secure the center, the resistance moved  slowly not getting the cards, the bomb carrier covered by her  companions tried to get close being held down by the advancing terminators who even being shot down just got up and advanced relentless. The turns soon added up and by turn 3 the device was at 10 not good as 15 was the score for it to go off. the Terminators kept advancing slowing the resistance even moving the shot distance to the device. turn 4 and the D6 roll was 4 so this was it!, a do or die, the terminators still around  but a path was clear to the device, the resistance got first action card and the bomber went for it she placed the device and backed off, the next terminator card was a joker so BOOM!!. the resistance did it only just.

Loads of fun and as before I love the rules there fast and tactical, the scenario proved it. I recommend anyone giving the rules a go and the scenario book is a great  source, more to come. Pictures of the game, be safe my friends....


  1. I've also been using the Sci-Fi Skirmish scenarios for 1H Skirmish.

    What are you using as the default game length? My inclination is to set it a little high to account for the possibility of very short turns when a joker comes out early.