Sunday 27 January 2013

Old fantasy miniatures collection

 Spent a bit re-basing my last remaining fantasy miniatures,i thought id share some pics
Old GW Kaleb dark and the chaosetie
 Old Ral Partha and Dark sword miniatures
 Ral Partha again lovley models
 Wonderful female miniatures and sculpt
 Celtos and GW plastic  mini
 2 miniatures I made myself long ago for my fantasy games
 King and Queen one i think is a LTD the other a DR Who miniature
 My favorite dark age mins the middle one is a gripping beast superb minature , the other 2 I put together at foundry for there Viking range
 More Gripping beast and Foundry lovley
 Confrontation brilliant
 More Confrontation miniatures
3 more Ral Partha I think love the miniatures

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