Friday 26 July 2013

Very old miniatures made by me

 The great Steve Casey of the Oldhammer group sent me a copy of the  Rouge trader 40k book, i promised  i do some pictures of my old sculpts from long ago, some were cast up some were never cast and used to add to my collection, i thought id share, abouve are 3  fantasy heroes that were cast iand sold in the 80s
 5 fantasy heroes made but never cast up
 A huge mutant hero again not cast
 3 more Fantasy I belive were cast and sold
 These were the high command for a range i made of 20 miniatures but the collection has not been seen , I kept these for myself
 2 very old Heroes miniatures we sold a heck of alot of the  2 minitatures and were favorites
 Again one made but never cast the Death Dealer
 3 more fantasy heroes form very long ago , never cast
 Bio-san and A-mok  both never cast up
 I made this but was never paid so i kept it Urko
 Part of a SF range i made a 12+ freeman range and about 4 Harkonans , lost never seen  this was saved by me
 My version of the warhammer 40k Emperor long ago as  we all belive GW would never make him, i did have a lesser armour version but i must have sold it .
3 SF character not sold the girl on the end was for a bubblegum crisi i made the suits and unarmoured  females I saved only this one


  1. Great minis full of character:). I especially like Conan, John Carter and klingons.

  2. Brill stuff! You need to find those old molds!!