Friday, 26 July 2013

Tekumel miniatures painted

I was one of the lucky people to recive free miniatures from the Tekumel Range, Howard sent me a set of Mara Deamons, and the  plot was to paint them up and show on a blog, so here is my  work and  finished miniatures
 I Stuck them using super glue and placed them on Renda  round 25mmm bases
 After a black undercoat I painted the basic colors I wanted the  miniatures to be highlighting only 1 level, Foundry paints used to give bright colors
 When dry i ran a army painter medium wash over the whole miniature allowing it to dry, this gives me my shadows and tone to then paint the hightlights
 The finished  paint job highlighted and worked to my standard
 Based with flock and sand texture base
 another shot , I relly do like these guys for any game or setting
Size comparison with some 28mm miniatures, I must thank Howard for the chnace and the great  miniatures.


  1. Ooh they are interesting models. I'm intrigued by the sprue of hands too. Would they be useful for other 28mm conversions? They look quite large and inhuman?

  2. There ok but for me use plastic hands off Wargames factory or vitrex plastics they are fine