Sunday, 14 July 2013

New Buildings. Wild West. Victoriana, Cool alien, 7th Voyage, Vampires & modern ladies

 4 new buildings from Battle flag bought as a deal, they are great work as usual, signs i made on my photo shop if anyone wants a copy  call me
 My town so far, a few more to add but looking good
 Wargames Foundry Victorians, a small conversion on the lady in reds arm
 More Warames Foundry  Victorians armed lady and 2 young tricks (one is painted up as Trixi form Deadwood)
 Foundry Wild west
 God of Battles Vampires
 Killer B Games alien always wanted him
 More Sinbad crew from Wargames Foundry
 Victorian vampire hunters form Garry Mitchelles site (need better pic i know)
Killer B games again 2 young ladies


  1. You have a great sense of style as always :)
    Fortunately in HVF there a whole load of lists to make this investment a wise one.

  2. Super job mate they all look great. Really like the vampire hunters.

  3. There are so many of these great MDF Wild West buildings out there....I daren't start on them! But we know I will at some point....