Saturday 31 May 2014

New painted Apes, Darksword and Bolt Action

 Painted up and actually got some fine  weather to take pictures here is a Darksword  GOT miniature
 Just a great miniature solid pose and   right for what i need
 Other world miniature a superb  miniature and perfect
 Col bills Bodica  great stuff
 Lead painters miniature 2 pigs  just had to have them
 Crooked dice apes with guns converted leader  these will take on my astronauts

 A complete change yes bolt action Japanese special naval group, Im relay impressed by the plastics and the  box containing the unit

2 more GOT miniature spider and the Imp


  1. Great paintwork as always. My wife is a huge fan of the Planet of the Apes movies and she loves what you did with the gorilla troops.

  2. Fantastic work mate you have been very busy this week!