Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sheffield triples 2014

Had a nice day out at the triples at Sheffield, the venue was the same and boy was it hot inside?
Some very nice games on display and lots and lots of painted miniatures all to a very high standard, it amazes me how much work  war gamers put in to their games for a show and all should be commended. The large amount of traders makes triples a good place to grab items you want or need to see in the metal, they all seemed very busy in the morning.
Meet a lot of friends Keith, Noel and others and chatted, talked to Mr Thomas, Diane from Foundry, Karl’s from CD we discussed  far too much about  games and  miniatures, Andy from Antsy and his gang, Roland from Stafford  had a very hard chat with about war-game companies, Dave from Northumbrian tin solder. Iron clad and I kicked myself for not remembering to get his new VSF walker, Partisan soon (I was so mad when I saw the pica I took).

I took pictures below of the game if I missed any table please forgive me, standard was very high.

 The new Ironclad walker Brilliant  

 Haul of stuff


  1. Well I think you have enough to keep you busy for a while. Several excellent looking games as well.

  2. Gret looking games going on there and I agree the walker is brilliant! It looks to me like you walked away with plenty to keep you busy.

  3. Thanks for the pics buddy what a superb haul!

  4. Wish I could have been there.

  5. Cool, thanks for sharing!

  6. Top game is a Bruce Weigle; stunning. Olicana's Russian game looks great too.