Thursday 6 August 2015

BOYL 15 update and a Black Powder battle at Foundry

 I had to post something, this mainly after the weekend a great picture of the assembled on Saturday, all good people and company made such a great day. the responses and pictures and comments from all made me smile and many superb blogs showed  more that I could not  on the tables, thank you  all,
 Some pictures of me doing my stuff on the day from various blogs and posts i hope those concerned do not mind?, Below is the collection i had on show of my old miniatures a good picture of them (i forgot).
I must  say this on reading the various blogs and posts  about the day and  some of the comments about my attendence  I have to thank all concerned Garth, Chico, James and all the rest , you do me great honour

We viewed this table on Saturday and me and my gaming mate alec  talked about having one of our games on it well circumstances shoved us to last wendsday and on agreement with the Company we went along and played on the spectacular table (Im told it was used in a BBC TV series  so great). I took my BIF and Alec  gathered his  confederate masses we played for about 6 hours and  had a great days entertainment, wonderful place to game  and  as always so friendly and  like family there


  1. Sounds like a brilliant time...and that table is just amazing!

  2. That is a spectacular looking table. Fabulous.