Sunday, 16 August 2015

Heroes miniature, Colony 87, Nights Watch and more painted up

 Well i made this back in 1980s  and  never actually had a metal one, my good friend Dave Wood sent me a spare, so painted and  in safe place now 

I Saw these wonderful miniatures at Oldhammer in the painting comp, and asked there Colony 87 from  Jon Boyce, after contacting him I now have these  splendid things in my collection, not to his painting standard but i really like them.

 More  Nights watch for my fantasy games will also make great Frostgrave henchmen, all plastic converts 
 Wargames foundry Terror birds fantastic  a must have for  games

 White apes also Wargames foundry great

 Frost grave Summoner set  great miniatures to paint
 Two more frost grave elementalists 
 My Games workshop Baleful Realm  gates painted up

Some very old  Citadel minis 


  1. Great painting as usual! Glad to help with the Heroes minis. One day I will have them all!

  2. Great selection Tony! It's a real eclectic mix. The Colony 87 figures look really nice. Lovely colour selection :)

  3. Love the Nights watch, what miniatures did you base them on?

  4. Plastic fireforge foot knights GB Vikings and perry miniatures with some green putty .

  5. Fantastic! Really love those birds!