Saturday, 29 August 2015

New Art on my Manga Studio

 I have been a user and artist on Photoshop for a great number of years , I have a wacom tablet that I can directly draw onto the scree. always seeking to improve I many years ago got the manga studio program but found it would not work on my tablet, so back to photoshop.
as of late i looked and saw many infarct hundreds of art pieces  done on the mange studio so I downloaded the free demo version 4 and installed. to my surprise my tablet worked, after testing and reading, and watching the fantastic  clips on the program I purchased a hard copy. the results you see now ?
I think it solves a lot of my problems i had and now I see comic strips and photo stores easy to make.
these are tests and fun work and as normal I would never offend anyone but if i do I apologise and please don't look!
the above  is for the ERB AAA face book group, of which im proud to be part off
 A reworked piece for long ago of the Dead & Alive series I did
 Another D&A piece reworked
 A reworked of one of my favourite D&A series
A Warlord of Mars