Friday 2 August 2019

Day 1 BOYL 2019

 Once again I was invited to attend the  Oldhammer day  at Foundry BOYL19, As always the  wonderful Foundry staff, had exceed themselves in the venue were in full swing and the event was buzzing at 10 when I got there, seeing old friends and  meeting others I knew on the net face to face was  a great start. The great Tony Ackland was attending this year, and Bryan wandering and chatting to all in the tent. More people arrived and were eager to game, Garth had run a smooth ship so far regarding tables. Chatted and watched the games played and set up  , as before the amount of miniatures work and talent is astonishing. Below are some pictures in no order of the tables today!

Friend shot Dave, Mark , Bryan and myself
More  tomorrow 


  1. Looks epic! Can't wait to get there Sunday

  2. Beautiful stuff... one day I hope to visit the Lead Belt and if I do I would like to do it when BOYL is on.