Monday 26 August 2019

Grave of the Deep. SOBH game

Found all my Song of Blades and heroes rules and files, and decided to run a small  path of games using the system and my miniatures that I like and have also never used. Played the  version 1 SOBH, and  made new cards for characters and   bits and bobs. What I always love about SOBH is it works  start to finish it is full on and make as most good Skirmish games its own story lines and fun.
 Table was some GW graveyard set and few other bits , the scenario a basic fight. 
 The sons of the Deep  Deep ones a priest Vriss a huge creature and 4 deep ones about 300 points
Lords of light Wolff  fear fang and some chosen armed and unarmed.
 Vriss and his creatures  wander the graveyard seeking victims, The Lords of light are intent on destroying there  evil plans, They enter the  grave yard ready...
 A second deep one  moves and  takes her off with his teeth and claws. Nearby  Wolff charges the huge beast they clash,
 He is felled by the size falls helpless.

Again the deep one come to finish off the hero, he rises and fends off the  monsters as Viss Arrives.
 Danny attacks distracting the monsters, as the huge deep one again strikes Down Wolff., Danny knocks down the deep one and  huge deep one as fear fang enters the fight,
  he dispatches the huge monster.
 Danny slays the fallen deep one
 Sherry is attacked  by a stalking deep one she is slain out right, her death quite gruesome..
 Fear fang does a runner at the bloodshed around
 Captain is taken down by a deep one who survives his  constant shots at the creature

Wolff shrugs of Vriss spell's  and with a mighty blow kill the priest outright , the reaming Deep ones  run for there  insidious lives back to where they spawned from. Victory to the Lords of light....
Wolff searches the dead  Vriss and  finds an amulet map for a dark mine near bye. Work to do.!!

Great game loads of fun and  as always plays very well,