Thursday 22 August 2019

"There only Giants!" Thud & Blunder AAR

 At last sorted out a test game of Thud  & Blunder from  Craig and Charles, from the Ministry of  Gentlemanly warfare, it has the basics of IHMN and Blood Eagal but if a fantasy environment  world you can game in crate your own  company's and  game with whatever you have to  play with or wish . I long wanted to try out my reaper giants so I created my players from my old  casts from countless wargames and RPG's games 
 The Heroes Wolff and his gang Una, Victoria, Chakari, Bobo and some able bodied Warriors
The Giants  Garth and his tribe of  misfits along with Gwar his pet bear. 
 I laid out a small table  and the Basic rescue the girl

 Garths giants  knew the  adventures were coming and prepared themselves, preying to the God of the mountains for   victory.
 Garth  is confidant his tribe will kill all who dare seek to steal the  prize
 Bobo enters the field scrambles up the  rocks and  motions he has found the giants
 A brave warrior charge head long but he is meet with instant death at the  swing of a tree sized club
 Chakari launchers arrows but to no effect on the  huge  Monstrosities
 Victoria her deadly poison blades slash and rend but she is now beset by 2 huge  giants
 Garth shouts for his tribe to stand fast and "kill them all"
 Warriors charge to aid Victoria but the blows land  no effect.
 Wolff charges and with a swing of his axe widow maker  A giant falls
 Garth charges and blows fly between giant anf hero.
 The flail and  club blood Victoria who smiles and  smirks at the  fight
 Bobo faces  2 giants his  position make him hard to hit
 Victoria and the warriors blow fell the giants but they still live.
 Gwar charges and  take out chakari
 A fallen giant is slain by a brave warrior
 Chard grabs the girl in the battle around
 Wolff stand his ground and his skill slays the evil leader  he falls dead
 Bobo strikes and giant falls
 Gwar charges at Wolff to avenge his fallen Master

The second giant fighting Bobo  finds his doom as the mighty Ape crushes his skull.
 Victoria and a warrior join Wolff against the huge Bear.
He falls to the blows of the Heroes Victory all the Giants slain and to the loss of 2 warriors and a hurt Chakari
As I expected a huge fun game  it creates its own story path like IHMN and Blood Eagle. Like the new creation  rules and the whole book is a great read. lots more  adventures i believe thank you Charles and Craig..

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