Tuesday 30 August 2022

The Day of the Tyrant (One page rules game)

 I have relay enjoyed reading and trying the One page rules, and decided to use some of my collection old and new. the rules have  army lists and i picked whet suited my forces, I was involved in Golgo island and  Neutron York 3K so i wanted to use some  madness from there. and my collection of 3D prints I wanted to use my thunder warriors so sides were set.

The Banana Tyrant, his second in command the Robomonster, along with a horde of Zorgl's and his  creation the giant mutant hamster Gilbertina.
A force Commander, Ritual Sister and  3 squads of Thunder warriors..
3 objective down the center, I always random the deployments and 4 turns
The Tyrants army charged forward, hoping to swamp the Thunder warriors as they outnumbered 
them 4-1

Gilbertina charged forward she tore and ripped into the Thunder warriors there knives only wounding her but her claws and teeth ripped a Thunder warrior to pieces,
As the Zorgl hordes charged for ward blaster fire took its toll they smashed into the superman slaying only one but suffering many more forging them back.
The force commander was attacked his blade wiping out the attackers
More Zorgl's charged into the Thunder warriors ranks
The tyrants death ray striking down another Warrior his second in command taking an objective

The Zorgl's charged again into the Thunder Warriors
Gilbertina relentless in her carnage she pushed the armored fighters back
The Tyrant attacks the few  Remaining warriors in the Center but there Armour  takes out his attacks, he commands Gilbertian to stand over the third objective she reluctantly back;s off as the Thunder warriors pour fire onto her making slight waves into her frame

The Ritual sister slays  two Zorgls then  charges the  huge mutant

  The Thunder warriors  fire power is talking its toll on the mutant hamster

The Zorgls charge again

"Stay your ground victory is ours" the Tyrant shouts he holds all three objectives

The force commander charges and slays a Zorgl holding an objective
In a desperate move the Ritual sister charges the huge mutant her blade cutting deep.

But she fails to slay the monster, victory to the Tyrant... the thunder warriors back off taking there wounded and dead with them. Very fast enjoyable game and the numbers work.

One page rules for me is a great fun easy game, and it works! I would suggest anyone who has large collections or any number of miniatures SF of fantasy to take a look 


  1. A truly fun and engaging battle report.
    The giant mutant hamster with a name like Gilbertina's is the heroine of the day!

  2. Great report Tony! Love your collection!