Wednesday 24 August 2022

Thunder Warriors, 3D prints, GOT and Alice


Thought I would show some new stuff painted up, and had the time to take some pictures.

Always wanted some thunder warriors since i first read and saw them in the 30k universe books, these wonderful miniatures are off ebay 3D prints and for me there wonderful.

My good friend Dave Wood of the little soldier company, gifted me these fantastic miniatures from his Alice range, a joy to paint and just to me amazing!

My Son Russell has a 3D printer and  gave me this  piece to pant he is just fantastic

My GOT game collection I added the Free Folk heroes 2, the giants Mag the Mighty and the  great Wun Wun.
And I could not resist the Nights Watch heroes 2 abouve is Coldhands mounted and dismounted.

Gillyand Son, Benjen Stark and Samwell Tarly...


  1. Excellent work as always! Glad you like the Alice range!

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