Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Fate worse than Death (3 player IHMN game)

 Had a great afternoons  fun with a 3 player standard objective game of IHMN ,Scotland yard, Zulus and  my company the lords of light
 6 objectives 3  are dummies the  players must get off there  arrival point  to win, marked by 6 young ladys
 The Zulu run inot the village
 Scotland yeard outnumbers both compaines and hopes to take the prizes
 the lords of light enter and  take there places
 3 Zulus and there deamon grab a captive and a weasel dives into to stop them, it is cut down in seconds by the leader
 Dr Thanos take up his place his marksmanship will be tested today
 The police move in to get a captive
 Wolff grabs one as Wild covers him her blade ready
 perhaps the fate of the poor girl captives if not rescued
 the poor Weasel goes down the  chief grabs the gilr and the deamon moves off to new  prey
 Una chages and engages the Police sgt who has hold of a captive
 Wild is jumped by 3 Zulus including the champion and  witch doctor
 The Detective faces of to the tribesmen
 The chief drags on to the entry point
 The deamon  attack Dr Thanos
 a second weasel  is surounded hoping to stay off the tribesmen
 its fate is sealed also
 the Police sgt fires point blank dropping miss Tye
 Dr Thanos dispatches the hellish being
 The fast moving tribesmen gather the captives 
 Dr thanos   shoots down Veteran Zulu 
 Wild  runs to her lover and  raises her back inot the fight
 with a sweep she  decaputaes the Police Doctor as Una  figths the SGt who shoots her again down
 Fallen and now perhaps lost
 The detective  stops a charging Zulu with his  trusty pistol
 Dr thanos  dispatches the  Zulu Witch doctor his wave of  gunfore  felling foes in  seconds
 Wild raises her lover again  and charges the detective her blade felling him in one the 2 constables make no effect to her skills

 Miss Tye fells the police SGT  the  action takes it  end turn

The casualtys were high the  Zulus won by getting 2 captives off the table, my lords of light scored 18 points by shooting and dropping alot of opponents and the Police only managed to  infllict 2 casualtys, a very fast paced game for 3 players and no problems at all with the system as we know..

Points again Medics worth every penny and try hard to get the mission not just shoot up the other side, enjoyable and great fun hehehe


  1. Excellent! Excellent! Inspired again by the rules andthe figures, thank you.

  2. Looks like a fun game was had by all.

  3. Entertaining AAR. Great pics, nice table and lovely painted figures. Well done!