Friday, 20 December 2013

Hasslefree Fantasy painted

 Finished some great miniatures by Hasslefree again one i had to buy lovely fantasy pieces
  a resin barbarian to add to my ranks

 Great female fantasy miniature but id expect no less from Kev
 Bodica wonderful
 For my Greek fantasy superb miniature
 this was a freebie said mis cast but recived som nice extras with my order
Finished 2013 great year for  figures and games


  1. Some very nice figures and great paintjobs on them!

  2. The first chap reminds me of Slain of the 2000AD comic fame. Lovely models one and all.

  3. Really excellent skin tones. They all look good but the "barbarian" co-eds really stand out, particularly the fur clad hulk.

  4. As always, lots of winners, but that Bodica is a must-have.