Wednesday, 11 December 2013

IHMN "The Evil of Dracula"

 Played another IHMN using a company from the HVF book Vlads company in the Fort nil point sceanrio 

Vlad must hold the building till 12 turns are up

 used a GW tower my son got me years ago as Vlads  place
 my mate laid out the terrain

 Vlad, 2 vampire concubines3 wolves and 5  henchmen,
 Lords of light usual gang Wolff and his party 
 The LOL move into to destroy the evil being once and for all
 Vlad looks from the ramparts
 Igor  screams his defiance
 the dark arts will aid them this night
 a concubine  looks out the windows fangs bared at the attackers
 Wolves and  guards run to places
 Igor scream commands
 the LOL take up places hoping to shoot the  dark ones up before  getting inot the castle
 Vlad uses his dark powers to make Wild Attack Una
 she sees the flashing blade and fells her conpanion who is not in control
 Dr Thanos suffers the same he attacks a scout
 Una  is shocked at her lovers fate
 A Weasel rips into the guards to be surrounded by evil
 Enraged Una charges the door way and faces the  guards Igor and a concubine
 2 wolves set upon a  weasel
 Vlad floats off the tower with one of his concubines and  trys his dark evil arts again on the  fighters 
 Dr Thanos  shoots and  drops a concubine
 Una beheads a concubine still outnumbered
 Igors axe fells the brave woman in one swipe
 the lone weasel rips apart a wolf
 Vlads fearsome visage makes Dr Thanos back off

 a fearsome  fur fight takes place
 the sharp shooter are charged
 a second wolf arrives and the poor weasel is  taken out
 the dark guards  slay a sharp shooter all is looking bad for the forces of good
 DR Thanos charges the Vampire lord
 a sharp shooter is charged by the wolves who kill him in seconds
 The darkness  moves in for the kill
 Dark powers make friend fight friend

 the last 3 are surrounded
no match for superior numbers they fall to the  evil that is  Vlad
 defeat for the  lords of light
 Casualties were high
the forces of darkness suffered only a few

Again loads of fun the new companies are tough and great to play shoot the medics hehehehheheh


  1. Every time I read one of these reports I want to order a ton of minis and the books.

  2. Great report those poor weasels are getting kicked around in every battle it seems.

  3. Great report with marvelous eye-candy!