Sunday, 15 December 2013

Wereshark,Zombie Santa and other miniatures painted

 Here is some more painted stuff finished, Zombie Santa he will be featured in my xmas game
 Otherworld Weasels just always wanted them  superb miniatures 

 Otherworld  wolves again  im so impressed with the quality of these

 Reaper miniatures Karnedge GorfathomWere shark again something i wanted for ages, he joins the ranks of my Atlantian  Army

 yes he is a big lad
 Dark arts Gorilla  excellent miniature he will be Kerchak

 Wargames Foundy hippies , these are to be in the Zombie Santa game
 The family for my Zombie Santa game all Wargames Factory plastics, great for anything
 Wargames Foundry African Tribe Amazons, superb  figures 

 More for my  fantasy army Wargames Foundry  ancients with LBM shield designs 


  1. That's an impressive bunch how long did it take you to paint them all?

  2. Time on them all id say about 6 hours to 6 max I do in sets and patterns of painting so some thing is always on going and work in progress