Sunday 5 October 2014

Infinity operation Icestorm painted

 Well I finished them  my Operation Icestorm from Infinity box set, Stunning miniatures and not sure my painting skills did them justice but love the whole  thing, great set with buildings and counters  all top quality as i now see from Infinity miniatures and products, above are the Nomads

 The Panoceana faction

 Hers some thing i had to get a cos-play ltd miniature  Neo Terra
just looks brilliant i have to say even with my paint jobs


  1. nicely done,what Material are they made of?Ltd Mini aside they're all in the gamebox?

  2. I have not finished the LTD model and there cast in fine lead nice castings all round

  3. These are seriously lovely. Nice paintjobs on them all you've done a cracking job on them :)