Saturday, 11 October 2014

Colonial Paddle steamer and Blacksmiths

 Well I had to buy this for my IHMN, Gaslight ,SOBH and all the skirmish games I play, Sarissa  Colonial Paddle steamer, what a great kit and finished model, took time to build but is worth every penny, the detail and how it looks and can be used in games is  so well thought out, removable  levels and roof makes it a joy also for storage because it is large. 
fantastic  a great item for any table and game setting and you can play a game on the steamer its that big.

 The wild west  blacksmiths to add to my large wild west collection again great kit and  finished  building.


  1. Wow! That paddle steamer is brilliant. I had a plastic one in my youth that would have done for Airfix figures I seem to remember.

  2. Excellent, the steamer and the building are most impressive!

  3. Those are great mate. Looking forward to seeing them painted especially the steamer.

  4. This is the first time that I can say a laser-cut model has been an improvement on a traditional model. The Stern-Wheeler is fantastic and the planning and implementation of the pieces has really worked.

    Thank you for posting the images.


  5. They both look great! The paddle steamer resembles a photo of the one Joseph Conrad captained that inspired him to write Heart of Darkness.

  6. Just caught up with the blog and enjoyed reading about the whimsical games you've been playing. Those sarissa models also look great.