Wednesday 29 October 2014

Reaper Giants, Ral Partha Slave Auction & Fiona

 Reaper bones  plastics I wanted some new giants gor my Song of blades and heroes and there perfect, OK there's problems with them bending a bit in places but solved and lived with i think ?,

 Big loads of character and poses

 For size with some of my old collection of Fantasy miniatures

 Frost Giants Daughter??
 Now the Ral Partha Limited edition Denis Maze Slave Auction painted up Yes not politically correct but there fantasy miniatures and some superb work from one of my favourite sculptors 

 This also from Partha the temptation set  except the deamon 
Lastly a conversion of a Adventure time character Fiona the world is insane and some great  ideas more to follow


  1. Pretty cool. Lots of great work. I am guessing a cake will be along shortly

  2. Great work, especially love the Fionna!

  3. Lovely set of figures that slave auction. Love the giants they've turned out wonderfully!

  4. Great looking figures. Loved the Fiona figure.