Friday, 3 October 2014

Dennis Mize LTD set Slave Auction

 Look what I got at long last Dennis Mize Slave Auction, wanted this along time for my collection, wonderful sculpts from one of my all time favourite sculptures, a fantasy set there's elves dwarfs and halflings, even one with 4 breasts?, the female guards are stunning and the over seer and auctioneer all great miniatures. i will use for my song of shadows and dust and many other fantasy games and what I play 
Got from iron wind paid no problem 25$ post and pack then found a nice card from the post office wanting £20 customs charge? great i paid 70£ for the items and 35£ to get it delivered?? not very impressed as I have only ever paid all the years and hundreds of packets from USA about 3 times any charge on anything..
So yes there limited and cost a fortune (but i had to have like us all)


  1. Who cares about being PC world gone made I tell you! Great looking set of figures mate. Shame you got stung but at least you have finally got hold of something you've wanted for a good while!