Thursday 28 May 2015

BIF vs Confederates (Black powder AAR)

We had our weekly game and  for the first time used our new  forces for Black Powder rules set, having played a few games the chance to see our forces engaged was  promising. Alec has his Confederates all Perry plastics, and splendid to see, my British intervention force was  again Perrys  wonderful miniatures  a definite old toy solider feel. I laid out the table for the coming battle we checked the sheets and laid out our forces.

 A basic face and fight battle no advantages on terrain we think
 Alec's confederates he is still building the forces which will be  a considerable force once finished
 I painted him a company of Zouaves based on the north Carolina units
 he had 3 artillery to help him perry plastics for these i think are the best set they have done so far amazing poses and  models
 My grenadier guards lead by a sub commander the main brunt of my army, lances backing them up
 line infantry and artillery all ready
 the small farm would prove a point in the fight

 the British advance whole sale  all moving forward to engage hoping there  fire power will  punish the infantry on the hills and surrounds

 Advancing to range they give fire to a small effect

 the confederates advance to firing postition and  return fire
 the farm sees both side shooting into each others ranks
 the guards move forward and stop due to the blistering fire form the concerted artillery and rifle muskets 
 the lancers of the British probe the lines falling back to seek an opportunity to strike hard
 the farm on the flank both sides engaging in  fire attempting to weaken  each other
 the flank guards are hit hard  and  with there officer and sub commander  leave the field, ( he will not get a mention in dispatches for such a un-gentleman conduct) the confederates strike a good score
 the remaining guards move forward to show some metal on the conduct of there regiment 
 the farm  the British push back the confederates but are stalled to fire from the remaining forces
 the right flank the lancers charge and are driven back by closing fire the infantry seeking to support there attack are also stalled
 the second guards  using the cover of the field  fire onto the  infantry on the hill under great fire form the confederate artillery they  stand
the guards  charge the confederates a bloody bayonet fight
 the battle continues on the flank side  the British stalling not able to seek the advantage
 the guards  push the  confederates back and advance as the  other  infantry at last move forward
 the  confederate cavalry engage the  right flank infantry they see them off the lancers  hoping to plug the gap
 the corn field guards stand and  continue to gve foire both side punished by the  fire
 the flanking guards  advance as the centre and the confederates shoot each other to  dust
 the lancers see off the confederate cavalry and push the  infantry back ( Alec rolled all fails on his combat, no matter how nay dice you roll its the score and makes the game superb)
 the guards dive inot the falling back confederates who  rout off  giving the British a victory after a long hard fought battle
battered the confederates gave a good account of themselves
We both again enjoyed the game, the system gives a great feel and is to us a battle. more to come 


  1. Great looking game! Looks like fun, and another use of the ACW troops.