Sunday 3 May 2015

SOBH, Pulp alley play test games

 Spent quite a long time musing simple skirmish rules Song of Blades and heroes is one of my favourites and the Pulp ally system I need to conquer I feel in my bones laid out a SOBH using my Conan heroes and a simple mission 3 ladies Valeria, Beilt and Sonja get the big guy out of a jail, works as expected. will press on.

 Pulp alley i read and re -read so made 2 leagues one mummy's the other a temple personality company with the  kings favourite as  leader and  guards and slave girls and a princess along for good measure, Akanaton, Anck Su Namun, 2 loyal  priests a robber , 2 cobras and 3 groups of undead

 plot points were  sacrifices
 Ipy leader, Ast princess, 2 guards 5 slave girl group and a panther

 plot points hurt

had to finish earlly but it does flow well and is  a good system I have voewsd to play it till Im hooked


  1. I've got Pulp Alley sitting on a shelf. Every time I read a Pulp Alley AAR I think I really must give it a go...sounds so much fun. Your games and minis are, as always, a pleasure to see in action!

  2. This looks great. I've been thinking of bringing Pulp Alley into a fantasy setting. I need to use all my fantasy figures...
    And, Gordon. Get that rules book out and read it!

    1. I've read it! I just need to play it! :-) Too many games not enough playtime!

  3. Nice report Tony. Downloaded the quick start rules to have a read of at some point.

  4. A great adventure with beautiful minis!