Monday 25 May 2015

Guildball, Infinity, Deadmans hand & others painted

 More finished off this week mostly triples purchases, the  superb Guild ball team players the fishermen and others, I bought because i liked the miniatures so much great work , will fit in many of my games and scenarios, fishermans guild 

 Ghast player a huge great looking miniature
 Butchers guild "meat hook" player
 a very sexy looking witch from Black Scorpion  games
 Deadmans hand "down under" miniatures gang 

 Crooked dice Talos and Argonauts
 Advisor again from Crooked dice
 one of my favourite volcano queen set from pulp miniatures

And my Infinity combine army Yaogats super stuff


  1. Lovely job! Especially love the Pulp Figures and the Argonauts...seriously wanting to get the Argonauts and make them Atlantean Constructs or something for my Lost World!

  2. Nice work! That green-eyed familiar looks a scary little beast.