Monday, 2 September 2013

Adventure in to my loft

 Its the oldhammer peoples fault, me and my son decided a adventure into my loft to seek old boxes and heres what i find, Imperial guard jet bikes i forgot they even used them? I found about 60 painted space crusade space marines and eldar from eldar attack and  full set of heroquest monsters and some ogres also.
 Halfling snipers i belive there is another one prob hidden
 Arbites with shotguns
 chronical  ogres i think
 Elf spear women
 old dark elfs i think theres a magrel in there also
 40 k inquisitors long ago
 my old victorian sculpt from the 80sthe wolfman was one of my favorites
 Space wolfs
 Some  castings of miniatures i made at Foundry Marcue belives he has found the mold
 the bale eye and  a deamon very old
 I forgot i even made these
 Heroquest Ogre?
 the Gandalf is the first edition from ages ago it came with the balrog i think
 the ape deamon and eye killer are mine made long long ago
 my sons painting of  a wiz
 little treasures
 I dont know whos miniature this is ral partha i think?

 A wicker man i made for my celt army in the 80s
 these i have no idea what game some board game from ages ago
 old chaos warriors
 pink and blue horrors

 Old Eldar some i forgot were made
 Old imprerial guardsman
My favorite an Asgard wolf


  1. I wish I had boxes like this in my loft.

  2. That Whicker Man is something else. Any chance of some closer pics and a little info about its construction?

  3. Fantastic treasure trove! Madly jealous about several items!

  4. The Cyclop is a DnD monster made by Ral Partha in the 90s

  5. Treasures aplenty!
    +1 on the call for more pics of the Wicker-man!