Wednesday 25 September 2013

In Her Majestys Name Lankhmar shoot out

 Got  to play a game of In her Majestys Name on my new board and complete town and set up I have, Lord Curr vs the Scotland yard  company (my own collection not northstars offical) Rolled up a leader for the Yard as i did not want to use   Sherlock.
 3 x 3 board used all my buildings and  a few bits out of my skirmish  box, we decided to play the first scenario to test all the rules and see what was needed or  missing

 Lord Curr (Alec) won most of the iniatives and the 3 objectives were the prizes
 The Yard (Kevin) move in and outnumber the  renagades by 2
 Lord curr seeks  advantages in the terrain and  lines of sight
 he grabs a young lady as the mad man rushes forward
 the rest of his  man taking cover
 A brave Officer grabs a second young lady
 Currs man spirits the  prize away in a few turns as gunfire starts to fly
 The company advances under  poor fire from the  Yards carbines
 Felicity runs form cover to cover to flank the  coppers
 A volley fire from the Yard dispatches Mad Mick in a hail of bullets
 Lord curr take out  the officers  shot by shot

 a second officer help and covers the first
 More volly fire starts to take a toll on the company

  A detective rushes felicty who has shot an officer causing her to fall
 Currs men  flank and take down more officers
 it now becomes a  fire fight close hand
 Chief Detective goes to assist the  detective in  handeling Felicty
 The final lady is grabbed by one of currs men , as he lays out fire from his  Arc rifle
 Felicty stand up and the huge Mohan Singh machingun rips apart the  cheif detective she backs off firing and felling the Dr and  another Police officer, the Company wins as the Police retire with only one young lady
 Thoughts Currs company is tough, shot guns poor but his rifles and  back up from felicty and Mohan Singh are good , poor Mick was taken out early doors, a good all round force
 The heroine of the game she is devistaing used right
The Yard have a big advantage if you have enough rifles volly fire is excellent course and  evens up lower ranked  characters...
My thoughts some bits to remeber as always and we used the 1 your out of ammo so tokens needed, again plays very well, and is easy to pick up, enjoyable afternoon , more to come


  1. Brill. One day I will get gaming and then the world may tremble :)

  2. Brill. One day I will get gaming and then the world may tremble :)

  3. Nice batrep mate. Another game I need to try at some point.