Saturday 28 September 2013

Wargames World Championships Derby 2013 Haul

Had a brilliant day out at Donnington Race track again, enjoyed it , talked to old and new friends meet up with  people and as you see abouve spent some hard earned cash.
The show was in the huge hanger and laid out  well and many wonders to see and some great games, did not have time to take any pictures.

 Sasissa had soem new and  unseen bits to which i was drawn and eventual succumed to getting more to my VSF,/Western town Church/School house another Tavern/hotel a great new Stage coach,  a Gaslamp Ledge Gypsy Caravan and last the huge new Cattle Barons Ranch house fantastic. 
4 ground horse hitches, a great flat bed Wagon,some  useful yard fences. warbases  some tokens , ladders and bases for my  round 25mm. fighting 15s had me 2 blisters of shadowforge amazons for my Army, 2 dark sword miniatures i could not resist Strong Belwas and Daenerys.The new Brick lane commune from Northstar, and a great set of shield transfers to use on my oldhammer barbarians and fantasy, another pack of trees for my FOW (should be enough now), 2 nice Hologram posters, and paints and spreys and glue (they cost more than you think)


  1. Good looking swag! Lots of things there to keep you busy for a few weeks.

  2. Wow! Wish I'd been there but on night shifts through till Tuesday.......haven't been to a show for a while now....grrrrrr. Those Sarissa and Brick Lane ones will be purchased at some point!

  3. A few weeks? I'd be surprised if there not finished by Monday :D