Saturday 21 September 2013

Eternal Champions & Oldhammer

 Finished painting some more Oldhammer Eteranl champions Elric and Moonglu, still brilliant after so many years
 Erikose, Corum and Urlik superb
 Found these old chaos warriors in my loft and re pained after stripping
 4 ebay finds for my Oldhammer love them
 My friend Steve Casey sent me this, i repained as mine was stolen many years ago in a club game, thank you buddy

 I have no idea who makes these fine young ladies at all loft find
3 slaves and slann oldhammer sent by Dave Wood, brilliant


  1. Great old school goodness! That Eternal Champion boxed set goes down as one of my faves of all time. I painted a set for the GW Manchester shop when it came out....fortunately I got them most of them back later!

  2. Great looking minis, fabuous colors...very nice ladies too!

  3. Nice stuff - love the Norse and Slann in particular.

    Good to see Harry the Hammer too!