Monday 30 September 2013

Re-released Foundry Barbarians & some stuff

 Finished the  re-release of the old Barbarians, enjoyed alot painting them and  made me smile, used soem LBM and battle flag shield transfers to posh them up..

 Another Slann

 Got this gem at the Weekend  Sarissa stage coach wonderful little kit and  will be  so useful

 A 4ground cart, there models are  briliant also
 Some fencing for my town again 4Ground and hell are they strong when finished Iam realy impressed but them, got the  hitching posts also great sets
 This i got from Partizan a Warbasses model barn  for 10£ its worth every penny

 To show the size of the fences
Old hammers finished with the shiled transfers now im happy


  1. Some nicely painted barbarians you have there.

  2. It all looks awesome really like the stage coach but those fences are great!

  3. The shields look superb as do the hairy men!

    Nice find on the stagecoach and assorted scenery.