Tuesday 21 January 2014

Fantasy Painted and Ra Boss man

 My mate Alecs  lost miniature  turned up last week and i finished him off along with some other bits and bobs
Bushido miniature I wanted for along time he will be the shadowking for my masters of death  company and fantasy army
 Another Bushido miniature Im using as the Dread shadow again for the Masters of Death
 Wanted this also she is going to be the Black Queen for the Masters of Death, Tor Relics miniature i think
 Lovely miniature from Wryd
 Another bushido just wanted her she will  be useful  Im sure
 My convert for IHMN Lords of light company Tablet steam powered Dwarf 

The masters of Death so far


  1. I really like that wraith. And your Akhenaton looks great, too.

  2. The masters of death concept looks very promising.