Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Raid on the Farm IHMN AAR

 Had our game today and tried  the Scotland yard company VS the Brick lane lot , laid out a   large  house and surroundings, the Scenario was bring him back alive

 Scotland yards finest
 The Brick lane commune Sam Tyler and his gang
 the target   the Hooded Claw some devious  individual who both sides need
 The  brick lane moves off trying to out flank and use there  grenades and bombs to effect
 The  Yard moves in

 They rush the house
 Police making there way in to arrest the Claw
 Carbines take positons

 A scuffle  starts inside the house as the claw is fought over
 more officers  rush into aid
 Maggie take her time to get in place to throw her bottles
 the  brick lane mob comes round the conrner

 Letty throws  a bottle and misses completly
 the inspector takes aim
 and shoot letty down before more  flame death is unleashed
 Maggie makes her way to throwing  position
 A fist and pistol fight starts 
 the scuffle continues in the hall way of the house

 the inspector  confronts a  thug
 windows broken more come to the  fight in the house 
 a brick lane drops a bomb and they run for it  taking cover 
 Maggie throws and  a brick lane and officer  roll to put ot the fires only to meet the fate of letty and be shot dead by an officer
 the bomb explodes and only a brick lane is killed the  Yard is saved by luck alone
 the Revolutionay is is killed in the brawl
 Tyler explodes his bomb to no effect only felling one of his own men
 the Yard charges the  group of   Anarchists 
 Claw is escoreted out the building and fights start around the building

 Tyler  is  stuck his weapon useless his man falling around him
 The doctor revies the detective who was felled in the bomb blast
 The  yard wins and the Claw is taken into custody

a very fun game with companies out the book , the bombs i found were great idea but can hurt you more than the enemy, a great afternoons fun


  1. Great report and fantastic figures. And the buildings and scenery are inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Fantastic report, I really enjoyed reading this, thank you for sharing

  3. Yeah the bombs look to be a rather iffy affair.