Saturday, 18 January 2014

Selenites the Dark side of the Moon (IHMN AAR)

 Got an extra afternoons game in and played one i had in my head for a time , my mate  composed an African rifles, and I used a list I composed of Selenites, the plot is a damaged Eather  flyer  landed deep in the Selenites land on the Moon they have  a short time before the bugs come calling
 Laid ut as Fort nil point scenarios 12 turns to survive

 Selenites Queen Golgotha, a huge Seladon 3 royal guard  3 black guard and 4 warriors
 The Brits were Lt Cain, RSM a medic 4  infantry  a field piece and scout, never tried a field gun so we re read the rules again 

 The defenders  deployed ready to mee the insectoids
 The  Selenites advanced hoping there armour and  weaponry would slay the  invaders
 The Seladon moves slowly and the  field gun  blows it to the ground and the RSM takes aim and  lkills the mighty insect in the first round

 Selenites advance into the poistions. gun fire taking its toll on there ranks
 The field gun starts to take great effect on the  Selenites
 Close rifle fire  drops more as they advance to  claw range
 Golgothas powers are not up to scratch today she has little effect on the Englishmen
 A Royal guard slay a brave  infantryman his bayonet no match for  deadly venom and  claws like razors
 Another falls to a black guard
 deadly hand to hand   runs in the defences
 the scout take careful aim and shoot Golgotha down  
 ther eleader lost the Selenites contine there rampage of claws and iron hard armour
 Bayonet stops anther  of the  Selenites

A Royal guard takes on the gun crew who have killed so many of his kin
 the medic rtends the fallen  Brits
 Deadly hand to hand  continues the Selenites start to become  impossible to kill at close quarters

 The Royal guard surrounded ficht the  defenders  knocking Cain down  he is saved by Doctor
 he returns to battle the Royal guard as the  only gun crew man fires point blank at the  2 Selenites fighting a single  infantryman
 a lucky shot fells the  2 Selenites and the lone Infantry man is spared this day
 The Royal guard is felled only to rise  but
 The native scout shoots him dead the battle over
 The  Brits repair and sail out of danger
Very enjoyable game and learned again new tricks  need to  expand the Selenites but there  good in a lot of ways, will post the  company list and the Atlantian one and some adds to the lords of Light  compnays i use next week all been well


  1. Great game and figures mate. love it.

  2. nice report and the figures are great. The eather flyer is a lovely kit.

  3. Great work, look forward to more from the Selenite menace!

  4. The gun seemed the only thing that save the British this day without it I doubt they would have won the day.