Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Pirates of Atlantis IHMN AAR

Played our weekly game and yes it was IHMN I wanted to try my Atlantian company and my mate found some pirates so he used US marines from the book as a source
 laid out a sort of Atlantian theme board the scanario was the fiorst one so had 6 objectives 3 were dummys

 The Pirates Captain Kidd, Ships doctor Smack, Indian Joe and mad Larry with the blunderbus
 the Atlantians Mera,Lady Dorma, Fang the sharkman  3 Atlantians with arc rifles and 3 Aqualians with tridents
 the objectives were spaced  12" from centre 

 The Atlantians move in the zone of shadows would  be my playing if i remebered it and mesmerisum
 Teh pirates take up there places many of the sea scum armed to the teeth
 Lady Dorma has  cloud mens minds she glides mo in  the the  table flanked by  Aquilians
 Fand  powers forward  Meras zone giving his some cover from the rilfes

 the pirates  take up there places and try to grab a girl

 moving to the centre the Atlantians use there magic to aid them
 Pirate  gun fire has little effect on the huge sharkman
 he charges a hapless pirate and bites off his head in one

 an Aqualian is shoot  by Indian joe who has made his place to pick off the enemy
 a pirate falls to the arc rifles of the Atalantians
 The  ships officer decide to take on Fang

 Mad Larry opens fire with the blunderbuss making fish fingers of one  Aqualian
 Meras staff of the sea  drops a pirate

 The Doctor is ripped in 1/2 by Fang
 a pirate drags a  girl to the  fate  she does not deserve
 Lady Dorma uses her power to get one pirate to attack another
 Captain Kidd faces Fang pistol ready cutlass in the other hand
 Mera attacks a pirate who has a girl
 another Atlantian falls to Indian Joe
 Captian Kidd waits for the last second then fire direct inot Fangs mouth felling the huge monster
 another  Aqualian is taken out by Mas Larry and another pirate

 Lady Dorma is  swamped by pirates  but she is one tough  Lady
 an Atlantian gets one girl to safety
 Lady dorma  strikes down Captain Kidd  the pirates are now on the back  heel
 Mera fells andother pirate and grabs the girl

 As lady dorma is knocked out, Mera takes the last girl to safety and the Atlantians win, again loads of fun  and  some great  rolls , must try to remeber the   mystic powers heheheh
 Got some new tokens form Warbasses and today we  thought they did the job excellently to remind us who did what

  Mera Atlantian Queen(Deep sea miniatures)
 Lasy Dorma (Deep sea miniatures)
 Atlantian with  arc rifles (Foundry collection minis)


  1. I'm loving it, Tony! I can't wait to see the Atlantean list.

  2. Excellent report and some great eyecandy.

  3. Cool game and brilliant company!

  4. Lady Dorma and Fang alone make me want to build that army. Nice work.