Sunday 5 January 2014

Ra, Witchdoctors, Steampunk & Victorian commanders

First post of 2014 and a happy new year to all, my gaming mate Alec got the  IHMN set for a x mas present and i said I would paint it for him, the  boss has to be  delivered as he was not in the box so he comes later, chose a green and yellow, nice solid miniatures.
 3  characters for mu IHMN and fantasy games 2 Foundry and one Pulp wonderful characters and miniatures
 My mate simon sent me this  great steampunk for my IHMN  brigade games i think great miniature and  style
Some Mexican/French for my IHMN again Foundry miniatures lovely  stuff


  1. Happy New Year mate. Nice work Tony I really like the Green and yellow scheme on the cultists!

    Awesome to see the fig I sent you painted!

  2. Nice figures and great painting alround - especially like the steampunk guy.

  3. Happy New Year the French/Mexicans are great but I thought they'd be fighting each other rather than in the same company. I do love the steam punk guy.