Friday, 1 January 2016

Quatermain at the Earths Core (AAR)

 After a long time of no games , due to work and circumstances me and my  best mate Alec at  least got a final game in 2015, and yes it was IHMN one of our favorites of the past few years, we enjoy the game play and  laugh at the circumstances the  scenarios and characters  create along the way. I have painted the wonderful Antediluvian miniatures up and  plotted the scenario, A great gamer and friend Gordon Richards  showed the inspiration to the stats and ideas he has on his blog is always worth a look

Allan Quatermain has joined  David Innes and  Dr Abner Perry on an expedition to the Earths core to  seek gold and  riches below, Abners  Iron move arrives in a new land mass inhabited by the Warlords Atlantis now rules by the  despicable Queen La who  seeks Allans  attentions in more ways that one. Capturing the Beautiful Dia , Davids  love, she sets a trap in the deserted  village of Not-vek they set 5 sacrifices to the wandering beasts who are part of some ritual.

Allan and his crew  decide a 2 pronged rescue he and David will storm the village and Abner using the Iron move hopefully  arrive and speed them away  before anyone reacts they know their plans are spied on and set off before there supposed time , Queen La enraged rushes to trap them and get Allan.
 Queen La her pet Gorgo, Ritual  lord Zal and  some armed carbine steel clad Guardians
 Allan, David Abner and his crew, Dia the beautiful must be rescued from the village along with the poor slave girl sacrifices for game points
 Using my new 4Ground  crescent and cross buildings , Alec set the scene (one thing he loves to do)

 They look great on the table and are so strong.

 6 slave girls are chained in the village square as per scenario 1/2 in the IHMN rule book, contact is made and a roll on a D6 of 5 or 6 Dia is located

 Allan prepares his assault hoping Abner arrives after  turn 2 quickly
 Queen La rushes to trap the   surface dwellers

 Abner and 2 crew pilot the  Iron mole
 entering the village they spot the captive girls
 a Guardian seek advantage to the  central area
 a crewman unties a girl but its no Dia the beautiful

 an advancing guarding grabs a captive to find Dia he wrestles her along
 Allan spot the fiend and fires hitting Dia in the arm and  misfires his hunting rifle on the first shot(yes this always happens his reputation does not do him real justice in IHMN he fails  miserably but thats part of the great fun)
 Dragging Dia off the Guardian seeks to draw in the rescuers to the fire power and sorcery of his  company
 Another Guardian grabs a girls using her as a shield as any vile  dastardly villain would!
 Allan rushes at the the guardian who seeks to take dia on the roof his pistol misfires this time?

 gun fire erupts as the crew men rescue the girls and try to cover Allan and Davids advance
 A guardian is shot dead on the facing roof top

 a fisticuffs takes place Allan still not bettering the  hoodlum who has Dia
 The Guardian captain directs his men to shoot down the  surface invaders
 A crew man has now 2  rather fetching slave girls in his company
 at last Abners Iron mole arrives (4 turns late) Abner rushes out into the debarcle
 unties a slave girls any fine British gentle man would, (avoiding her modesty  of course)
 the guarding pulls dia free from Allan and up the stairs to the roof top
 more girls are rescued from a terrible fate
 a Guardian s carbine hits a poor defenceless slave girl
 there evil is abound
 Abner directs the  rescued girl to the safety of the Iron mole (has to take this picture sorry but it was funny)
 Gorgo at last  batters down the wall and charges into the compound
 the Queen directs her men to fire down and slay the  invaders
 Za using his powers  tries to make the crew kill each other (mesmerism)
 2 crew men tussle  in the centre of the compound to this sorcery
 Allan reaches the top of the roof at last and charges in
 the crew men fair no better there fire arms failing as much at Quatermains
 a lucky shot  slays Za his sorcery over  at last
 Allan s rifle jams  again he charges the Queen, hoping to end this quickly
 a carbine fells  another crew man Abner rushes to his aid
 the Guardians start to pick off the crew men
 another is shoot down
 As Allan face the Queen she utters some dark sorcery hoping to rip out his heart for daring to attack her  Allan's  strong character  is enough to ensure the spell fails but he falls  unconscious from the  dastardly sorcery (yes he fails his  pluck test on the line)
 (Amazing how he can fail so often in one game actually)
 Gunfire still rattles around the  village
 Abner revives the fallen crew man
 But one of the  Inhabitants of the land stumble and bust into the   compound eager for there dinner
 Dis sees the  guarding who held her shoot down she breaks free
 Davis slays another Guardian on the stairs intent on rescuing his beloved
 Dia grabs the fallen spear and  slays the guardsman who had captured her
 Allan tries to get up (yes another fail)
 the Crew man are depleted and fallen when the  giant monster enters
 Abner faces the beast who strikes but he  throws himself into the Iron mole into the arms of a rescued slave girl
 Gorgo charges Davis who spar armed  receives the beast Head long killing him outright
 the  giant beast lumbers in seeking his food, scattering the crew men
 as one turns to run he is shoot down
Dia  jumps the wall and runs to the  Iron mole David behind her, Allan rises but is now the prisoner of the Queen.
Abner   drives the mole into the  ground as the remaining crerw board and  escapes as the  lizards  chews on the remains of there comrades. Queen La smiles as at least she got what she desired the  mighty Allan Quatermain, her plans for him will  perhaps unfold in the next game?

Loads of fun playing this  we missed our game time for a few weeks and as any gamer knows its not good. IHMN plays so well always recommend it for game with friends. be safe and have a great new year  from me and Alec.


  1. A great game Tony and a big thank you to Craig Cartmell only critisisim Alan Quartermain needs better than 2+ pluck lol

  2. Brilliant inspiring stuff, and beautiful model and scenery too. one question where did you get that Godzilla model from?

    All the best for the new year, Roger.

    1. the Godzilla ia a hero clix there is a set I got mine from here

    2. Many thanks for that Shadowking, very tempting.

      Cheers Roger.

  3. Absolutely brilliant! Really has me wanting a game right now! And the 4Ground buildings really look superb, too!

  4. Excellent end to a great year of posts!